Blown Covers

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The Blown Covers contest is a monthly New Yorker cover-esque competition. The themes closely mirror what I suggest to the New Yorker artists I already work with. This blog and contest are informal and not affiliated with the magazine but I’m always on the lookout for ideas and new artists. 

The themes for cover contests will be posted every three weeks. To enter, please send sketches on the theme through the submissions page.  I prefer sketches to finished work and good ideas to good drawings. The deadline for this month’s Halloween contest is Thursday September 27th at noon

Please keep submissions confidential in case they are selected for later publication. Once they have been posted on our blog, you are free to share them in any way you wish. Unless we contact you to tell you otherwise, all submissions will be posted within a month. 

I review all submissions and winners (according to my own subjective whims) will be posted on the blog along with my editorial comments beginning the monday after deadline. Here is a handy dandy calendar:

Past Themes and Winners:

         By Fred Stesney (comments and runners-up)

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