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This week, I’m giving you the most difficult - and most important - cover assignment I can: the Trayvon Martin shooting. A lot has been written on the subject, but a great image has yet to be created. Images have a unique power; they can convey ideas that could never be put into words. A great image forces readers to complete the loop in their minds, implicating them in its message.  If you need background, this New York Times article provides a good overview of the events. Please be thoughtful in your submissions - pointlessly offensive images will not be shown on the site - but please do not be afraid to take risks and stretch the boundaries of what has already been said. 

Here are some New Yorker covers that took on difficult issues:

- art spiegelman’s response to the Amadou Diallo shooting

- Barry Blitt’s Martin Luther King day cover after actor Danny Glover charged New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission with a discrimination suit

- art spiegelman’s Valentines day cover following the Crown Heights riot

To enter each week’s contest, please send sketches on this week’s theme. Use the submissions page or email jpegs to I prefer sketches to finished work and good ideas to good drawings. The deadline is Thursday at noon (NYC time). The themes on the Blown Covers website closely mirror what I suggest to the New Yorker artists I already work with. This blog and contest are informal and not affiliated with the magazine but I’m always on the lookout for ideas. Please keep submissions confidential in case they are selected for later publication. The winning sketch (according to my own subjective whims) will be posted here on Friday

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