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Ever since the Occupy Wall Street protesters took center stage last fall, America’s growing economic gap has been the subject of heated discussion. Now, as the weather heats up, the protesters look to recapture the nation’s attention, and the upcoming election brings the economy under scrutiny, a sharp visual commentary on the issue (from any political angle) would be well-poised to cut to the heart of the conversation. So put down those cigars, take off your white gloves and top hats and get sketching - can’t wait to see your ideas. [Again, first time submissions very much encouraged]

- Barry Blitt

— Christoph Niemann

— Peter Arno

Constantin Alajalov

To enter each week’s contest, please send sketches on this week’s theme. Use the submissions page or email jpegs to I prefer sketches to finished work and good ideas to good drawings. The deadline is Thursday at noon (NYC time). The themes on the Blown Covers website closely mirror what I suggest to the New Yorker artists I already work with. This blog and contest are informal and not affiliated with the magazine but I’m always on the lookout for ideas. Please keep submissions confidential in case they are selected for later publication. The winning sketch (according to my own subjective whims) will be posted here on Friday

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