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The deadline for this contest was July 26th, 2012. The next Blown Covers contest theme will be announced August 17th. The winners for this contest will appear here as they are posted. 

MAN IT’S HOT. It feels like every summer for the past three or four years has been named the hottest summer on record. In New York City, life in August becomes a game of getting from one air-conditioned place to the next without melting. And for those of us, like Nadja, whose Brooklyn apartments are cooled mostly by rickety window fans, even the nights don’t seem to bring much relief. Then, yesterday the BlownCovers offices were pelted by golfball sized hailstones that nearly broke the skylights. Pull out your melted crayon set and get sketching! What does all this crazy weather mean? 

- By Joost Swarte

- By Seymour Chwast

- By Istvan Banyai

- By Ian Falconer

To enter each month’s contest, please send sketches on this week’s theme. Use the submissions page and please include your name and email address. I prefer sketches to finished work and good ideas to good drawings. Please send files in as jpegs under 1mb. The deadline is Thursday, July 26th at noon (NYC time). The themes on the Blown Covers website closely mirror what I suggest to the New Yorker artists I already work with. This blog and contest are informal and not affiliated with the magazine but I’m always on the lookout for ideas. Please keep submissions confidential in case they are selected for later publication.  Winners will be posted over the course of the month, beginning one week after deadline. The next contest theme will be announced August 17th. 

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