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It’s time for the Blowncovers blog to become extremely spooky. I wish we could hang cobwebs in the corners of the site and play a manic laugh whenever you opened the page. Halloween is an extremely visual holiday, and it’s made for some of our favorite covers. Since the holiday falls just two days before our presidential elections this year some jokes just beg to be made. But we’re looking forward to seeing all your ideas - political or not. Francoise is going to be traveling next week, so we’re extending the usual deadline and giving you two weeks to work on this one. The deadline will be Thursday, September 27th.  

A few published New Yorker covers for inspiration:

- By Rea Irvin, for Halloween in 1942

- By Charles Addams

- By Charles Burns

- By Harry Bliss

- By Carter Goodrich

To enter each month’s contest, please send sketches on this week’s theme. Use the submissions page and please include your name and email address. I prefer sketches to finished work and good ideas to good drawings. Please use the Blown Covers logo or send the image without a logo. Please send files in as jpegs under 1mbThe deadline is Thursday, September 27th at noon (NYC time). The themes on the Blown Covers website closely mirror what I suggest to the New Yorker artists I already work with. This blog and contest are informal and not affiliated with the magazine but I’m always on the lookout for ideas. Please keep submissions confidential in case they are selected for later publication.  Winners will be posted over the course of the month, beginning one week after deadline.

Please note - the calendar below is not fully accurate. This month, the contest deadline has been extended by an extra week.   

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